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VIP Boxing Secures Investment And Welcomes Ambitious New Shareholders

Manchester, England - 19 March 2024 - Two-time World Featherweight champion Josh Warrington has joined the Board of Directors at VIP Boxing Promotions.


He will be joined in the Boardroom by the new shareholders London-based entrepreneur and international investor Suresh Sivagnanam, and Shan Selvendran, Owner and CEO of Morley’s Chicken, the beloved iconic brand hailing from South-London.


They have brought significant financial investment that will help VIP Boxing become promotional heavyweights and take their events to the world stage.


Steve Wood who founded the promotional company in 1996 will remain as Managing Director, Warrington will become Head of Boxing and Sivagnanam is the new Commercial Director.


Wood who has one of the finest reputations in boxing said: “I am delighted to welcome Josh, Suresh and Shan to the Board of VIP Boxing Promotions.


“Coupled with Shan’s expertise and network, our new team of executives will make a big difference in pushing us to the next level.


“The boxing business is a thankless task at times. It is easy to lose enthusiasm when you constantly lose money on shows and boxers you have invested in move on.


“This new partnership has given me my mojo back to ensure VIP develops its productions and its footprint after being a feeder of fighters to the big boys for years.


“The new backing means we can take boxers to bigger levels under the VIP brand.


“The main reason in doing this deal was the fact that Josh, Suresh and Shan have the same values as me – for all of us unequivocally the boxers come first. Nothing is to change on that side, instead we intend to add value to each individual’s personal pathway.


“The boxers are going to benefit from the knowledge that Josh has gained during his amazing career and I am sure once retired he will become a great manager and promoter.


“Suresh has been a big boxing enthusiast all his life and after more than 30 years of international experience, he decided to bring both his business acumen and global network to a sport he is passionate about.


“The funds being generated will not just improve our production but benefit both existing and new fighters signing with VIP financially as well as in added services geared towards enhancing the fighter’s experience.”


South-London born Sivagnanam has a first-class track record in business and been hugely successful in Education and Healthcare.


He says: “Being able to combine my professional experience with my passion for boxing is a truly amazing opportunity for me.


“Having been at the forefront of re-thinking healthcare and education for decades, I cannot wait to help take VIP and most importantly our fighters to the big stage – globally.


“The relationship with Steve and Josh is a special one – one that’s based on a shared belief in VIP’s core values and enthusiasm for the sport in its most authentic form.


“Together with Shan who I’ve worked with for decades, I am sure we will be able to extend VIP’s footprint both nationally and internationally – and we move fast.”


Warrington, 33, has been managed by Wood since turning professional in October 2009 and has his eyes set on a hat-trick of World title before retiring.


He says: “My relationship with Steve goes beyond boxing and everything he does for me as a manager is solely in my interest.


“Getting involved in the day-to-day running of VIP Promotions is the next logical step - although right now I still have big ambitions as a professional boxer.


“With the investment and business acumen Suresh and Shan bring, add Steve’s experience and my years in the sport VIP are going to be formidable for years to come.”


Shan Selvendran, who like no other understands brand and community building, is excited to bring his passion for community, boxing, and culture to VIP.


He says: “Based on its first-class reputation and the key role Steve and Josh play within the industry, I am excited to help this longstanding brand gain the level of traction and footprint it deserves – within the industry and beyond.


Like Morley’s, VIP has shaped their community for almost 30 years and I can’t wait to help write the next chapter.”


VIP Promotions is already established as the leading promoters in the North West of England, but they are aiming to elevate their standing in the boxing industry and expand further.


Wood added: “We are exploring a VIP gym opening in Suresh’s and Shan’s hometown, London and also staging events in the capital.”


James Russell continues his role Events Manager. Russell has been a vital member of the VIP Team for ten years and is one of the most experienced operators in British Boxing.


During more than 30 years in the industry Russell has worked with the late Mickey Duff, David Haye, Mick Hennessy, Kellie Maloney and Panix Promotions.

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